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Anonymous: Would you mind making a gif set thingy about when the King makes the pun about Porthos being 'Melon-colie' after he's arrested and the Cardinal's reaction??

I have already made such a thingy here: http://themusketeersgifs.tumblr.com/post/77641526341

February  27   ( 8 )

Emile de Mauvoisin, it is my duty to arrest you.

February  27   ( 80 )

karinblack: thank you for this blog m(_ _)m


February  27   ( 3 )

Anonymous: what about a gif of Aramis messing with his hair after the melon explodes on him? :)

Coming up!

February  27   ( 6 )

cunningandhighspirits: Darling themusketeersgifs, you are amazing. Thank you for all the work you do! (If you have time, could you possibly gif Treville's epic bitchface when Mauvoisin asks for his pistol? The world needs more deeply cynical Treville.)

Thank you so much!!!!!!! I’ll make you some deeply cynical Treville :) 

February  27   ( 5 )

timelordtreachery: i don't know if it's been done but can you do a gifset of the end of the recent episode where porthos goes "did any of you actually think i did it?" and everyone looks at d'artagnan and he goes "never even crossed my mind" if you can please? O:)

I can yessss :) 

February  27   ( 6 )